We have had many wonderful reviews from professionals and parents and have chosen to highlight a summary below covering: box reviews, professionals offering and using our boxes and parent feedback after purchasing a box!

Scroll below for details on the following professionals as well as parent feedback: Melanie Hartgill: Educational Psychologist (JHB-SA) ; Delia Watts: Early Years Development Specialist (UAE) ; Kirsty Radley: Primary School Teacher (UK); Erine Botha: Psychological Assessment Practitioner (CPT-SA); Parent Feedback

Melanie Hartgill

Melanie Hartgill is a registered Educational Psychologist with offices in Orange Grove, Johannesburg. As an educational psychologist, her focus is on helping children/young people who are experiencing problems within an educational setting with the aim of enhancing their learning. Her focus also provides additional support by further advising teachers, parents, therapists and other professionals. Today, perhaps more than ever, assessing students’ knowledge and skills is a central issue in schools. Melanie works with clients from 3 months old through childhood and the teenage years to adults, who are still involved in studying. Please feel free to contact her for assistance with your loved ones.

Melanie has reviewed our Full Nursery Boxes and is pleased to promote our milestone development baby boxes to the moms at her practice. Our Full Nursery Box is suitable for little ones from 0-3 years!

Should you require help enhancing your little ones learning please see Melanie’s details below.

Melanie Hartgill contact details, registration and memberships:
Contact Office: +27 11 640 4498
Contact Cell: +27 82 678 4300

Delia Watts

Delia is an Early Years Development Specialist, inspired to enhance learning through play and promote pre-school readiness.

She also runs Childcare Training courses for caregivers on Interaction and Development as well as group sessions for Nannies, Moms and Babies, specializing in key development areas and how to get the most from your toys at home.

Delia has been closely associated with our brand proudly offering our baby boxes and activities in the Dubai and UAE region since 2013 and is an honoured team member of CloudNine Kids UAE.

Delia Watts contact details:
Contact Office: +971 55 321 kids (5437)
Contact Cell: +971 50 451 315

 Kirsty Radley

Published Review: Kirsty Radley a UK Primary School Teacher and mother of twins, put our boxes to the test. We highlight a summary snap shot below, full PDF review available.

“Having an activity to carry out each day focuses your attention on your little ones development. I loved that each activity clearly explained the main focus for baby’s development, such as hand-eye coordination, tactile sensitivity, fine motor skills etc. The activities promoted emotional bonding, language development, baby massage and tactile stimulation. It is also perfect for nannies looking after babies as everything you need is included in the box, on the activity sheets and in the early learning guide.” Kirsty Radley

Mommy & Daddy Feedback

“Puppet Play is just fantastic, Chelsey just loves her puppet and is even learning body parts from touching its nose, eyes, ears, tongue etc. Its amazing to see how much quicker she learns when given a practical experience like touching the puppets nose and then touching her nose. We’ve even found the family pug has grown rather attached to our puppet sessions so its puppet love all round. 🙂 Thanks again for such a fantastic product we look forward to learning more with each new toy and session from our box xxx” Stay @home mom and blogger Stacey C, JHB

“The tactile play and gross motor activities are Violets favourite. She loves grasping puzzle pieces and moving around on the carpet. Following the activities have really improved her co-ordination and she is crawling beautifully and very keen to stand up against everything. She is also a fan of the massage sessions and loves it when I sing along as I stimulate her circulation. I am also learning so much and find the activities very easy to follow and the glossary is a huge help. We can’t wait to get started with the next toy in the box” Nanny and full time caregiver Miriam M, JHB

“What a delightful box of fun and so well presented. We love the rhymes as at this age we’ve forgotten most of the words so having the sing a long words on the activity sheet is great especially for dad! 😉 I love that the toys can be used over and over working on different skill sets as baby develops. Even the pegs from the pound a peg board I see can be used to roll on the carpet and encourage crawling for tiny little ones and as we are doing now as colour and hand eye co-ordination play, I would never have thought that one toy can stretch through so many milestones just using it in different ways. Thank you again for a great product that I know we’ll enjoy for years to come, especially as baby no.2 is already in the planning!” Rose M, Sea Point, CPT

“Wow I think my little man is a genius, but I’m biased as any mom would be :-)! He is mastering his Stack and Sort board and loves his croaking frog which now sleeps next to him at night! He claps along to songs and seems to love the structured sessions concentrating the whole way through. The sessions are easy to follow and I am able to fit them into my day even after work, it has become special bonding time with both my little angels each day, something i will cherish forever! I am delighted with the value for money and even use these activities for big brother who loves learning colours and counting while joining in on the fun! Working mom, Julia S, KZN