Skills baby will develop while using our box of activities: stacking, sorting, finger pincer skills, shapes, colours, counting, social skills, tactile play, body parts, number recognition, vocabulary, English & Afrikaans Rhymes, mid-line crossing, hand-eye co-ordination, gross/fine motor skills, brain development, sensory play etc.

Language Development: Although written in English each activity highlights in bold the words you need to verbalise to baby during play so feel free to verbalise in baby’s home language to encourage vocabulary and auditory stimulation from as young as possible. English and Afrikaans rhymes are added to encourage different language development from as young as possible.

Box Content: The image below highlights the 8 toys included in each Full Nursery Box. (If you are buying a license to sell these gorgeous boxes feel free to request our Activity Sheet example to see just how easy our sessions are to follow per toy per milestone.) Activity sheets are included per toy and activities change per milestone. Additional to these sheets and 8 toys each box would contain detailed Milestone Checklists from birth to 3 years (1-6 months; 7-12 months; 13-24 months; 2-3 years); our glossary, helpful hints and guidelines. Our baby massage sessions and rhymes are included with each activity sheet along with words highlighted in bold on each sheet that the caregiver would need to verbalise to baby during that play session – these words get verbalised in baby’s home language. Each activity sheet also has Handy Info and highlights the Main Focus Areas worked on during each session.