Our activities are so easy to follow and play no matter who looks after baby daily: whether you use an Au Pair, Nanny, Domestic, Grandma or are fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom our activities are great training guides as they help to train while you play and as baby develops – no previous milestone development experience necessary!

We have written our programmes with domestic caregivers in mind. As with SA and other 3rd world countries English is often not their first language so we have made our sessions very easy to follow and understand including a glossary and helpful hints to guide even the most inexperienced caregiver through each activity with ease! Also great for Day Care Centres to use to train their teaching assistants and baby caregivers on how to play effectively per milestone!

Our Activities and Sessions are used in international Childcare Training courses for caregivers on Interaction and Development as well as group sessions for Nannies, Moms and Babies, specializing in key development areas and how to get the most from your toys at home.

Feedback from Miriam, JHB Nanny and Full Time Caregiver using our programme: “The tactile play and gross motor activities are Violets favourite. She loves grasping puzzle pieces and moving around on the carpet. Following the activities have really improved her co-ordination and she is crawling beautifully and very keen to stand up against everything. She is also a fan of the massage sessions and loves it when I sing along as I stimulate her circulation. I am also learning so much and find the activities very easy to follow and the glossary is a huge help. We can’t wait to get started with the next toy in the box”

Feedback from Jill and Tom, CPT parents of little Josh who is looked after daily by their domestic worker Rachel: “Using the Full Nursery Box activities and toys gives us such peace of mind as Rachel is easily able to follow the daily sessions that suit Josh’s exact milestone age. She is also getting very comfortable with the rhymes and we often come home to find Rachel singing along merrily as she finishes the chores. Josh loves each and every toy and Rachel has often remarked how interesting it is to see how the same toy can be used in different ways to help with different focus areas. She also loves the fact that she is adding to her skill set and CV by mastering milestone development play, something that will benefit her in for years to come. Great value for money all round! We’ll keep you posted as he grows!”